Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enviroschools seafood day

Room 2 had an amazing day out learning about Crayfish, Kina,  Paua and Fish.

We started at Whangawehi where the Aurora sped in at exactly 11:50 looking like a James Bond Boat. Then  Tom and Selwyn unloaded the live  crayfish  in crates and put them on the truck.

We followed the truck to Nanny Doi's factory and Selwyn and Tom put the crayfish in a  pool. Then they told us about crayfish and crayfishing. We learnt how to tell the males from the females. Everyone held a crayfish.

After lunch we had 3 workshops: Paua and Kina with Auntie Ali, Measuring fish with Whaea Jenny and looking at rock pools with Nanny Rae.  

It was an excellent day. Even the weather was perfect. Thanks to Whaea Jenny, the presenters and all the whanau who came to support us.

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  1. Fantastic account thanks Room 2. I had a great day too and the students were really well behaved and focused on their learning. Thanks to all the helpers and presenters from me also.