Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Whangawehi River looking at Invertebrates in the water

Room 2 had the most awesome day on the Whangawehi river. We had Nanny Rae and Uncle Arthur with us. We were also lucky to have Shane with us. He works for the Hawkes Bay Regional Council looking after the streams and rivers around here. He was interested in what we liked and valued about the Whangawehi river like swimming, whitebait, and water clarity. He reminded us about the eels that lived in the Whangawehi and how old they were.
We walked up the Whangawehi to the rapids then looked at the river through the turbidity cylinder, we looked for bugs in the water. Some people swam in the holes where whitebait and eels live. Very brave!!

Algebra Learning - Patterns and Relationships




Here are 3 interactive websites that will help you with your patterns and relationships learning.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Whakarewa Beach Run

The weather was doubtful, but the clouds and fog lifted, the sun came out and our tamariki once again put their best foot forward. Many thanks to our sports coordinator Miss Kereru who coordinated this event, another great turn out with our children’s loyal supporters. Every single child at school completed this event, some pushing themselves again to another level. Watching their faces as they crossed the finish line was gold and they all need to be super proud of themselves!  Congratulations to our place getters: Junior 1st Place Ryan Campbell, 2nd place Keylia McAlpine 3rd place Waitama Crowley. Middle School 1st Place Rebecca Campbell, 2nd Place Jahnei Lafaiki, 3rd Place Lisa Delaney. Senior School 1st Place Jack Delaney, 2nd Place Sharon Maru, 3rd Place Khalos Brown. 1st overall senior girl – Sharon Maru.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preparations for Silver Enviro-School Celebration

Today Room 2 looked at our garden, which we have been giving special attention in preparation for the Silver Enviro-school celebration. We thought that our flowers are looking gorgeous and that we should write about it on our blogs so everyone else can see too. Check out the Room 2 blogs for our photos and super sentences describing our stunning flowers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enviroschools seafood day

Room 2 had an amazing day out learning about Crayfish, Kina,  Paua and Fish.

We started at Whangawehi where the Aurora sped in at exactly 11:50 looking like a James Bond Boat. Then  Tom and Selwyn unloaded the live  crayfish  in crates and put them on the truck.

We followed the truck to Nanny Doi's factory and Selwyn and Tom put the crayfish in a  pool. Then they told us about crayfish and crayfishing. We learnt how to tell the males from the females. Everyone held a crayfish.

After lunch we had 3 workshops: Paua and Kina with Auntie Ali, Measuring fish with Whaea Jenny and looking at rock pools with Nanny Rae.  

It was an excellent day. Even the weather was perfect. Thanks to Whaea Jenny, the presenters and all the whanau who came to support us.