Monday, March 2, 2015

Sam New - Room 2 learner

If you haven’t met Sam New yet, you will find him busy in Room 2. Sam has a very special talent with technology. Sam advises me on many problems I encounter and was only on Friday explaining in detail how ‘Air Drop’ works. Sam has a goal to build his very own PC with parts he needs. He has been an active programmer and has extensive knowledge of server systems within organisations such as schools.

At the end of last year, I explained to Sam that we had a problem at Te Mahia School of not having a website. Sam spent weeks emailing different providers to get quotes for hosting a site for us. He spent time looking at other schools websites to gauge what we might need. He thought about colour schemes, logo’s and what might look ‘appealing’ to people outside of Mahia googling our site. Sam has worked incredibly hard and last week our site went live. He will continue to keep this up to date as he acquires even more skills to add to his repertoire. He assures me his hourly rate is affordable if anyone would like to contract him for work. Absolutely brilliant Sam!!!