Monday, June 29, 2015


Today Room 2 completed our amazing animations.  So far we have written the script, selected an app that worked the best for us, tried out a green screen, decided not to do this, painted backgrounds, and finally today made the animations and uploaded them to You Tube and onto our blogs.
So... Have a look. They are great.
Anyone who wants to check out how it was done, you can ask anyone in Room 2. 

Winter Warmers Reading Programme

Winter Warmers – Wairoa Public Library
We were lucky to be the school this year selected by the Wairoa Library to participate in the Winter Warmers Reading programme. The library has dropped off 2 containers of books we don’t have in our school collection. Each time children read a book, they complete a book review.  One book, one review, one sticker.  There are incentives along the way and when they complete their 10 book reviews, they receive a free book.

Some suggestions for reviews…
-       - Tell us why you chose this book to read.
-      -  Write a poem about the story.
-       - Draw a character from one of the books.
-       - Draw a scene from the story.
-       - Design a different cover for the book.
-       - Write something that you learnt from the book.
-       - Make a collage showing a scene from the book.
-       - Write a review of the book and the plot you read.

To complete the programme, children must complete a review each time they finish a book. 10 weeks and 10 reviews must be completed. They will be working on this both at school and at home, so ask them how it is going.