Saturday, August 30, 2014

Daffodil day

 Room 2 ended the week by coming to school in yellow.  
Everyone put lots of effort into their costumes and looked amazing. It was a big effort and  Te Mahia School raised $120 to support the Cancer foundation. 

Whangawehi Planning and Planting Workshop 21 August

 At the planning and planning workshop Room 2 made  vision maps,  designed tree planting plans, talked about communication, and weed control. 
We also learned about Pest Control.  Malcolm Smith showed us his stuffed cat, ferret,   stoat and weasels and showed us the damage they can do to trees and birds. 

Harakeke and whakairo Workshop

On Thursday 14 August we had Whangawehi Catchment workshop for Harakeke and Whakairo.

We were lucky to have Matua Edward and Whaea Te Ara and a lot of whanau to help us.
Whaea Te Ara told up how to cut and prepare the flax for weaving.

                                     Room 2 carving the pumice.
          Matua Edward taught  us how to show respect when people are carving

                                                       Carving Pumice Koru.
We learned that the pumice washes up on Mahia beach but it a volcanic rock.
There were some very talented  weavers in room 2. They wove mats, flowers and kite.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Duffy Theatre

This year Duffy and his friend Rosie are excitedly awaiting a visit from Duffy’s famous, rugby league playing uncle, Bingo. They are taken aback however when they begin to learn that Bingo isn’t a big fan of books and maybe can’t read at all! With ideas from the audience and Duffy’s King of Colours book, the pair go on a journey to help Bingo learn the importance of reading and the benefits it can have for everyone, everywhere.  Together, Duffy and Rosie sing and stumble their way through to the realisation that everyone has a different favourite story and that each person’s story is just as awesome as the next. 

This was such a fantastic treat, our children were a fabulous audience and hopefully they took away the key message of reading material that you are interested in and authors you enjoy.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jump Jam

In the holidays, Miss O'B bought 2 new Jump Jam CD's for Te Mahia School. Putiki is a Jump Jam king so we went to the library on Friday and started learning some new moves. We brainstormed what makes a great Jump Jam leader and here is our thinking. Putiki chose Mem, Awhina and Manaia to help him learn and present Boom Boom Pow. Patricia and Tia are also going to choose one from the other CD.  Keep watching, we will have a video on our class blog soon so you can see what we look like.