Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jump Jam

In the holidays, Miss O'B bought 2 new Jump Jam CD's for Te Mahia School. Putiki is a Jump Jam king so we went to the library on Friday and started learning some new moves. We brainstormed what makes a great Jump Jam leader and here is our thinking. Putiki chose Mem, Awhina and Manaia to help him learn and present Boom Boom Pow. Patricia and Tia are also going to choose one from the other CD.  Keep watching, we will have a video on our class blog soon so you can see what we look like.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rongomaiwahine News - !st Edition

Term 2 Day1

Room 2 are learning about what happens when you mix an acid and an alkali. We did a Scientific  Demonstration. 
We were surprised when we saw how much gas we made. The gas blew up our balloon.

What can you do with so much gas??? 

This is our demonstration gas powered rocket. 

It is powered with acid (vinegar) and alkali (baking soda).It went about 3metres high.